Sunday we went to Seaworld in San Diego. It was really great fun – I mean, a dolphin might be assumed to be more fascinating than fun. But the guys making these shows have got a terrific sense of humor and they understand how to renew themselves (I was there 2 years ago, everything was more or less changed). Thomas shot a huge amount of pictures of dolphins and killer whales, I hope I can steal some of them and present them here.

The bad thing was that Anheuser-Busch (makers of beer-parody Budweiser) had obviously bought the entire thing since my last visit. And you notice this immediately… before you enter the park, you see big signs saying that they really, really support the American troops everywhere in the world (I even think anybody associated with the US forces had a free ticket). This could be perceived as some patriotic act and obviously this is what they want people to believe. Before the Shamu show, the cute killer-whale taming lady wanted to guide the audience’s attention towards a big screen with a tribute to all these US forces, people related to such should stand up, people should clap their hands and if you could shed a little tear it would be perfect. Very patriotic as is. But… (or should I say Bud…): Of course this is all some ingenious stunt from the Anheuser-Busch marketing department. Everywhere within the park you saw signs with text like the following:
“Which is the most American: a) The American Eagle, American Pie and Budweiser or b) South-Africa owned Miller?”. Seriously, even our local beer-hater Thomas paid attention to these posters announced as quizzes.

Seaworld had even introduced something called the Budweiser Beer School or something like that. During the day, we convinced ourselves we had to go there, just to be able to make a more authoritative nagging. And so we did, after having attended all must-see events, including penguin feeding. And what a joke. I mean seriously, this was so far out, almost surrealistic. About 30-40 people were put in a classroom like thing with glasses in front of each “pupil”. A poor Budweiser woman started the “class” – meaning she started a video presentation. If the guy on the video had said “Hello, my name is Troy McLure – you might know from such educational films as…”, I would not have been surprised… Well, after having seen the Anheuser-Busch’s living out the American dream, the Budweiser woman in the “class” presented a little poll: “If you had the choice between two beers of the SAME quality, taste, price (and some more attributes), but one was made in the US (a) and the other in South-Africa (b), which one would you chose?” All the people in the audience said / mumbled “a” and nodded as in “of course, how stupid do you think we are”. Next she presented all the negative consequences for the American society if people bought Miller instead of Budweiser…

Then, we had to taste 6-7 different Budweiser beers, all with different fantastic story. We (the Danes) were literally loughing our asses off – I mean, seriously, this woman stands there talking about various differences in taste of these fantastic beers. But ALL these beers tasted of exactly NOTHING. Really, nothing. Pale coloured, tasteless beer. The other “students” in there nodded and emitted “uhmmmm”s, strangely enough. Brain-washed in someway, I assume. Ok, I finally had my “Anheuser-Busch Beer Master” diploma, wee.

Btw: During the Seaworld trip, Kim suddenly noticed a couple of twins with identical T-shirts, shorts, shoes and even the same pink Seaworld Platinum wristbands – enjoy the Thomas and Jens twins:

The cute twins insisted that there were some better candidates for worst Seaworld Twins consisting of the Brothers in Black, i.e. Anders and yours truly:

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