Friday was the 20th Anniversary of Systematic and also the day of the annual Sensommer Party at the company. So back at home, everybody was going to a huge party – instead of joining them, the Systematic team in Fullerton threw their own party in a slightly modified edition, adapted to the American environment.

We started the Systematic Fullerton Anniversary Party in a limo with leather seats, driver, booze, TV, stereo and a Føtex bag. The latter contained even more booze, possibly contributing to Jens’ memory blackout and Kim’s sudden need for a nap later that night.

After cruising around for a while, the driver took us to Morton’s in Santa Ana. Office mate back at home and native LA girl Gina as well as Michael Westergaard had recommended this before we left Denmark as the best one available – tremendous steaks and ditto martinis. And they were right… Definitely the best porterhouse steak I have ever had and also some awsome martinis.

After having eaten his 24 oz porterhouse steak, Kim felt like demonstrating how you sleep in a top-notch steak house.

He was revived by two double espressos served by the kind waitress. It should be noted that it might not only be martinis and complimentary limo booze but also a little (one week old…) jetlag that contributed to the sudden need for a nap.

After steaks, desert and loads of martinis, we went to Irvine Spectrum – a fantastic place with lots of happy people. We went to the Yard House with supposedly more than 200 beers on tap, including several favourite US ales and even the Gulden Draak from Belgium…

That concluded the Systematic Fullerton Anniversary Party. More pictures from the night are available (courtesy of Kim).