Tuesday it was time to leave Embassy Suites (just after the air condition started to work again) and into an apartment in the Pinnacle complex in Fullerton where the other Systematic guys are also going to stay. Kim has already stayed there for a few months and it was on his recommendation that we chose the place.

And what a place. This is definitely one of the nicest apartments I have ever seen. By Danish standards the furniture is pretty ugly, but it works well and everything else is fantastic here. I would be happy to show you some pictures of the apartment, but as of writing I definitely need to do some garbage collection before that is possible, so have patience. In the mean time, have a look at the official Pinnacle website or at the video, shot by Kim in an identical appartment (except for furniture and it being a mirror of mine).

So what was that with the treadmill and death thing? Tuesday was also the day for the annual DHL Stafet, a running event in Aarhus in which Systematic traditionally participates. The Systematic team in Fullerton would of course also like to participate. Instead of running outside, we did it the American way and ran on these treadmill things in the gym within the Pinnacle complex while watching TV. I don’t think I am in a really, really bad shape and I am usually able to run 5 km (~3 miles) in about 25-27 minutes without getting completely wasted. But things are apparently different with that awful treadmill running machine. I had never tried such a thing before and probably never will again… Take a look at the pictures below of a suffering me during and after the 3 mile Fullerton DHL Run to get an impression of what I mean… My legs hurt so much that I was not able to move without pain before several days later. Reconsidering that not-so-bad-shape statement.