After having picked up Kim in the airport Saturday after his trip to Friedrichshafen, he suggested we went to Palm Springs to play golf on Sunday. What an amazing plan! Pretty good thing that all the 5 Systematic guys staying here are either golfers or want to become such (Kim is the wanna-be one).

So Sunday we headed for the desert. First stop was the Cabazon Outlets. I have been there a few times before, it is kind of an inverse Ikea-experience – instead of getting Ikea-visit-convulsions and feeling an extreme urge to just get out as soon as possible, you are kind of attracted by these shops (now I sound like a woman); everything is extremely cheap, and you just keep on buying and buying, you can easily afford it because of all the money you just saved on the previous thing you bought. Now that sounds clever. Nevertheless, this time I had a pair of Nike Air Gore-Tex golf shoes for $59.95 (dkr ~350), a pair of Nike Air Pegasus running shoes for about the same price and more stuff, I didn’t really need, but it was damn (relatively) cheap.

After a few hours of intense money spending, we went to Palm Springs. 110 golf courses to chose from, right in the middle of the desert. The first course we found did not really match the description in our little guide and actually looked quite boring, so we went on and finally found something really cool – Westin Mission Hills North, a course designed by Gary Player. We played it from the golden Championship tee, pretty tough course, but extremely beautiful and in extremely nice condition.

The round started perfectly: The drive on the first tee (picture) was hit directly on the sweet spot, leaving half a sand wedge to the green (we are talking about a 423 yds par 4, so it was with good reason I felt kind of macho). A perfect sand wedge later and a holed putt, whui, what a start! And that was the last birdie in this round, despite having several really good chances later on, including a realistic eagle-putt (which was 3-putted…). But those greens were extremely fast, I have never tried anything like that, so hitting all those good shots was not really for much use when you were putting like a joke.

We were playing quite slow, so we had to run (to our cars) to make it before sun set. That kind of affected the game a little, so my drives started going quite a bit to the left and right. Interesting on this course, because on most holes there were max 20 meters from the fairway to expensive looking houses, built very close to each other as is evident from the pictures below. I did not hear anything break, but I hit several houses on that account and also lost a ball in a swimming pool (and it had no hazard markings, dammit, it was to be considered out of bounds, grmbl…).

This was the first time Kim played a “real” course (as opposed to the par-3-ish courses he had played in Brea) in his 2 week long golf career. Jens forgot to tell him that he could play from a little easier tee, so Kim took his first real course from the Championship tee (back-tee)… He actually managed to make stableford points at one of the holes.