After quite a stressfull time in the last days before departure, Saturday morning was time to leave everything behind for quite a while . A little trip of about 20 hours was ahead for Thomas, Anders and I. And what a trip! I have been flying quite a few times since my last British Airways trip and NOTHING comes close to the comfort, service and kindness. I mean, I consider the 11 hours across the Atlantic on flight BA0269 as a kind of therapy – smiling people serving you drinks, cocktails and delicious food in a steady stream while you just sit in your comfortable seat and can do absolutely nothing but completely relax. Exactly what I needed upon the last few weeks…British Airways Therapy

After arriving in LAX, of course our luggage was missing. This is the 3rd trip in a row to the US where this happens in 14 months. Oh well, no big deal, this just means Sunday is yet another power-shopping day, thanks to our very useful luggage insurance deal at Systematic.

After struggling with the paperwork regarding the missing luggage, we made it to the Avis car rental thing, but our car to rent had disappeared, so even more bøvl. Finally we managed to get our hands on a huge SUV – a Chevrolet Trailblazer (this picture is from Chevrolet’s website, a picture of our specific car coming up). The Red Polo could approximately fit in the trunk of this thing… I almost drove over a very low car on the freeway when changing lanes a little later, possibly due to not really being used to check vertical dead angles. Nothing happened, though, due to some very awake passengers.

Finally, we arrived at Embassy Suites Hotel in Brea. My 4th stay at this very hotel and everything was exactly as it used to be (old pictures of the room), so I felt almost at home. Right upon arrival it is a well-established Systematic tradition to go to TGI Friday’s across the street to enjoy the trip’s first US burger and a large Sam Adams on tap, so that was what we did – together with Jens, who had been staying here for a while. Ahhh, they really know how to cook a burger in this country. And mashed potatoes. And serve a cold, tasteful beer – even in a burger joint kind of place like this, you can have beer that actually tastes of something. Somebody in Denmark, please learn.

Sunday started in an “interesting way”… we were informed that the air condition at the hotel was imploded or something. The temperature started to rise slowly everywhere (about 30 degress Celcius outside)… Well, I enjoyed a healthy breakfast consisting of an omelet stuffed with cheese and bacon with sausages and bacon on the side. After this it was delayed-luggage-power-shopping time in Brea Mall right next to the hotel (180 shops – go home, Bruuns Galleri…).

Back at the hotel, the heat was getting even worse … and I couldn’t even keep the windows open in the night, as my room was at the top floor just below all the extremely noisy but non-functional air condition stuff on the roof…

Actually the problem persisted for almost a week. Yirks, the air at the hotel was really, really bad.